Linux Hardening

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Basic Security

Checking Linux for Rootkits and Malware
Top Linux Antivirus and Anti Malware Tools
Reset Linux Password

The Kernel

How the Linux Kernel Works
What is the Linux Kernel and What Does It Do
Building and Installing a Custom Linux Kernel
Hardening Sysctl

Network Configuration


Disabling IPv6

The Hosts File

How to Modify and Manage Hosts File in Linux
Default Hosts File Contents

Installed Programs and Services

Working with Apt-Get

Useful Apt-Get Commands

Check Installed Programs and Services

Check Installed Packages
Check Installed Services
Show Running Processes
List Services That Run on Startup

Uninstalling Software

Uninstalling Software

Updating Linux

Commands to Update Ubuntu

Default Tools and Programs

Coreutils You Might Not Know

Running Processes

How to Kill a Process From the Command Line

Working With Files

Verifying Files

Verify SSL Certificates
Checksum of Binary Files

Finding Files

Find All Files With the Same Extension
Finding Files and Phrases with Grep

File Permissions

Basics and Configuration

Understanding Linux File Permissions
Arch Linux Wiki: File Permissions and Attributes

Secure Permissions for Important Files

Basic Secure File Permissions (Section 4: Narrow Down Permissions)
Default Home Directory File Permissions
Default Etc Shadow and Password Files Permissions

Managing Bash/Terminal

Bash History

Check and Clean Bash History
Disable Shell Command History
How to Quit Bash Shell Without Saving History


Clear All Aliases

Firewall Installation and Configuration

What is a Firewall
Guide to UFW and Its Basic Commands
How to Set Up a Firewall with UFW in Ubuntu

User Configuration and Policies

Passwd File

Understanding /etc/passwd Format
Using the /etc/passwd File

Disabling Users

Disabling Users
Disabling the Guest User
Disable Login as Root

Password Policy

How to Set Password Policy on Linux


Editing the Sudoers File
What is Sudoers.d and How To Edit It
Series of Articles on Dangerous Sudoers Entries

Sysctl.conf File

Linux Sysctl Hardening
Securing Sysctl.conf (Section 3: Tune Kernel Parameters)
Secure File Example

Automatically Executed Scripts


Linux Runlevels Explained
Purpose and Usage of rc.local
The rc.d System


Intro to Cron
Using Cron and Crontab
How To List All Jobs in Cron/Crontab
Location of User Crontabs


What's the Difference Between Init and Init.d
Getting to Know the Init.d Directory
Init.d Shell Scripting Tutorial


Iptables Basics